I Wish It Would Rain



"I got tickled, I cried, I felt saddness, I felt a personal connection, I felt anxiety, heartbrokenness, love, understanding...at times I wanted to skip some parts because it was almost unbearable to read, I dreamed at times about the experiences I read, I saw a man go from life to death and back to life again"

-Geri....McLeansville, Illinois





"From the songs we've written and the shows we've played together , Jimi Ray always did everything with all his heart. I expected the same with "I Wish It Would Rain", and that's what I got..Honesty and passion with Gods amazing redemption. Thanks for reminding us that God loves us all...No Matter What We've Done.."


-Brian White, Singer/Songwriter, Writer of 2007 Billboard Magazine’s Most Played Country Song of the Year “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins.